Wall Preparation

Wall Preparation

  1. Prepare the Wall:
    • Fill the cracks with paste and leave it until it’s completely DRY.
    • Make sure that the wall is SMOOTH, DRY, and CLEAN.
  2. Covering the Wall:
    • Cover the wall with a layer of plastic paint.
    • Leave the paint until it’s completely DRY.
  3. Wallpaper Paste:
    • Measure the distance between the floor and the ceiling then add 10 – 15 CM from the top and the bottom then cut it many times.
    • Put them on a table faced to the ground.
    • Prepare the adhesive material and paint the back of the wallpaper with it (start from the middle).
    • Start pasting the wallpapers from the windows and finish with the corners.
    • Use the string balance at the beginning to ensure that the wallpaper is straight on the wall.
    • Put the wallpaper in its right position parallel to the string balance.
    • Press on the wallpaper with the paintbrush to remove the air bubbles, which appear after sticking the papers.
    • Cut the remaining parts of the papers from the ceiling and the floor then press on it with the paintbrush again.
    • Press on the wallpaper with the roll to make sure it is pasted accurately especially from the edges.

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